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Columbine Commemorative Cup Custom Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz tumbler

Columbine Commemorative Cup Custom Stanley Adventure Quencher 40 oz tumbler

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A portion of the proceeds of this cup will be donated to the Columbine Memorial Foundation.

The following was written by my dear friend, Laura Hall who survived the Columbine Shooting.

"I am a survivor.

April 20th is the anniversary of the Columbine High School Shooting. I was a freshman the day of the shooting, and was barricaded in a closet for 5 hours. I saw and heard and felt and experienced something that forever changed me. Over the years, I have tried to do all that I can to educate and bring awareness to the gravity of this situation that unfortunately keeps happening.

I've become fascinated by bison (they are bison, not buffalo. Buffalo are not found on the North American continent. #yourewelcome ) since Sarah and I went on our first adventure to Antelope Island in January. What is a more iconic symbol of the great American West than that of the American Bison?

When a storm is brewing, typically forming West and rolling into the East, a cow instinctively heads East trying to out-run the storm. Cows aren't very fast, which typically causes them to travel WITH the storm instead of running out ahead of it. Each step they take, they step further into the storm suffering the elements all along the way.

Bison, on the other hand, charge the storm head on charging directly into it's path. While they may suffer the storm for a short moment, it passes over them heading in the other direction, minimizing their exposure to the elements of the storm.

What do we as human beings do in the "storms" of life? Do we try to out-run them, avoiding them, hoping they disappear or make a silent exit from our life?


Do we charge them head on? Do we suffer for a small time while doing everything we can to get through/on the other side of the storm?

We have a CHOICE. Storms are inevitable. They are part of life. And really, we don't choose most of the storms we have to weather. But whatever they are, however they come, we ultimately have the choice of whether we run from them, or face them head on.

Neither choice is without pain or suffering. The point is not to avoid that part altogether. That's not how it works. But, it seems that one choice gets us to an easier way of life sooner than another.

Additionally, besides Earl, don't you most often see Bison in a herd? I assume it's easier to face a storm packed together as a unit, rather than alone. Yep- you get where I'm going. Find your people. Suffer your storms together; that's how it's meant to be.

My dear friend created this incredible design in my honor. It has the most beautiful Columbine flower, bison, and a beautiful mountain scape." 
All cups are Authentic Stanley Brand cups unless otherwise noted as 'DUPE'

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